Your Situational Awareness and its Role in the Workplace

Being aware of your surroundings so that you can readily identify dangerous situations and identify possible threats could save your life. Situational awareness is useful in everyday life but has a practical application in the workplace. Maintaining this mindset could ensure that you return home with the same number of fingers and toes every night. Moreover, it could be the reason that you make it home at all.

Understanding Situational Awareness:

Situational awareness involves being aware of your immediate surroundings and the impact of your or other’s actions as it relates to the well-being of yourself and those around you. It requires the use of knowledge from experience and education in order to accurately assess and determine your level of safety. It is also important to acknowledge that each individual’s level of awareness may differ from your own when making an appraisal of your environment.

You should also remember that what you perceive as happening in your surroundings may not completely represent reality. How you read a situation could be easily influenced by distractions, personal experiences, and the quality of the type and level of information that you have been given.

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